Convenience. Security.

All your IDs, one platform.
‍Blockchain-backed data and IPFS encryptio
‍Tailored templates for every need.
‍ Instant verification with advanced checks."

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We’ve cracked the code & we’re here to share

We’ve deciphered the blockchain & we’re here to revolutionize digital ID with CLID

Digital ID Creation

Create and manage your digital IDs with our intuitive templates, adaptable for
Finance ID
Health ID
Government ID
Travel ID
Employer ID
And many more. Customize as you go

What Clean ID is it all about?

The platform is versatile, user-friendly, and accommodates a range of in-built features like video call verification and liveness checks for documents.


better & faster.

We transform identities, systems, and verifications to accelerate transactions with targeted security, enabling blockchain-driven digital ID excellence through CLID.

Efficient and Secure  Verification.

Revolutionizing Identity Verification with CLID , Advancing Digital Onboarding and eKYC - Value Propositions for Enterprises and End-Users.

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About Us

At CodingLegends, we're revolutionizing identity verification with Clean ID, merging cutting-edge technology and user-focused design. Join us on a seamless digital identity journey led by our passionate team.

This is the genesis of our journey.

once onboarded with CLID, tailor your identity solutions effortlessly


Embracing the Future

Adopt the future of identity verification where cutting-edge technology intersects with operational brilliance.

How It Works

Getting started with Clean ID is as simple as 1-2-3

1. Choose a template: From finance to travel, pick what suits you.
2. Upload & Verify: Add your documents and verify through video call/liveness checks.
3. Secure on Blockchain: Your data gets encrypted and saved on IPFS, backed by blockchain.


Contact us for custom pricing based on setup, IPFS node requirements, and maintenance needs

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Public Blockchain Model

Designed for transparency, our Public Blockchain Model gives an unparalleled layer of trust by showcasing verifiable transactions to the public

Private Chain Model

Specifically tailored for banks, government entities, and enterprises, this model offers a dedicated private blockchain setup.

Choose What Suits You Best

Whether you're looking for the trust of public transparency or the exclusive control of a private chain, CLID has got you covered. Reach out today, and let's discuss which model aligns best with your organizational goals.

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Tailored Digital Identity for Elite Institutions

Harness the impenetrable security of blockchain and elite electronic verification, optimized for efficiency and scalability. With CLID, organizations benefit from a harmonious blend of cost-saving, operational excellence, and innovative identity verification, positioning them at the forefront of the digital identity revolution.

Features of Clean ID

CLID offers the comprehensive suite to redefine identity on any industry . Secure. Efficient.

Blockchain Powered

Provides tamper-proof and immutable identity verification.

ElectriSecure Technology

Ensures efficient and secure electronic verification.

Cross Industry Templates

Offers versatile digital ID solutions for multiple sectors

Real time Video Call Verifications

Enables immediate and reliable user verification.

Liveness Checks

Ensures the user's real-time presence, mitigating spoofing risks.

Integrated Analytics

Track verification metrics and derive actionable insights seamlessly.

Secure Document Transfers

Facilitates encrypted sharing and storage of essential documents.

Monitoring Tools

Advanced tools for overseeing verification processes and ensuring compliance.

User Centric Design

Prioritizes user experience, making the verification process intuitive and hassle-free.

Decentralized IPFS Storage

Enhances data security and integrity with decentralized storage solutions.

End-to-End Encryption

Ensures that all user data, communications, and documents remain confidential and secure.


Designed to cater to both individual users and large enterprises efficiently.

integrated blockchain management with adaptive verification and tailored security. Seamless IPFS data transitions and advanced identity features herald it as the digital identity future

Who uses Clean ID

We’re privileged that some of the brightest minds in the industry choose to innovate with CLID's robust identity solutions

Clean ID for advanced identity solutions